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Terms and conditions of sales

UNusual Experience a.s.d.
Viale Bruno Buozzi, 99
Roma RM 00197

P.I. 16222061000
C.F. 96489100584

By registering and paying the participation fee, the customer accepts the following terms and conditions:




Art 1.1 - Rates and method of payment.

The rates listed refer only to the Mountain Guide's fee and what is listed in the “the price includes” section found in each program.

Payment for Experiences and Camps is always in advance by bank transfer or cash.

The Guide's expenses (any food and/or lodging expenses in huts, bars, hotels, etc.; cable car expenses; transfer expenses if she is traveling with clients; etc.) are the responsibility of the participants and will be divided equally among them.

Art 1.2 - Equipment and rental

For some Experiences / Camps, the use of technical equipment for participants (harnesses, helmets, ice axes, crampons, ARTVA equipment, etc.) is included in the price, in which case it will be listed under “the price includes”.

In Experiences where the equipment was not included, it is always possible to rent it by contacting Unusual Experience A.S.D in advance to find out the exact rate.

The equipment provided is the responsibility of the participant who will be responsible for it in case of damage and/or loss.

Payment for equipment rental must be made at the conclusion of the activities in cash or by immediate bank transfer.

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Art. 2.1 - Early waiver of the client.

If the client cancel the contract within 30 working days prior to the activity, no percentage of the total price will be withheld and the amount paid will be refunded minus expenses related to the handling of the practice.

If the client cancel the contract earlier than 15 working days prior to the agreed activity, an amount equal to 30% of the fee due will be withheld.
If the client cancels the contract after the 15th business day preceding the agreed activity, a sum equal to 50% of the rate due will be withheld.
If cancellation occurs within 7 days prior to the outing, the amount withheld will be 100% of the fare due.


All communications should be made in writing via e-mail to:

Article 2.2 - Cancellation by the organization.

In case of cancellation by the organizer, the customer may:

Make use of the same offer in a later period;

Make use of an offer with the same price;

Take advantage of an offer with a lower price (with refund of the difference);

Withdraw from the contract at no additional cost and with return of the balance or deposit already paid.


Art. 2.3 - Early withdrawal practice management costs.

For each redemption transaction Unusual Experience a.s.d. will retain an amount of 20 euros to cover practice management costs.

No handling fee will be charged in case of cancellation by Unusual Experience A.S.D.



The Mountain Guide or Mid-Mountain Leaders in charge have the right to vary or cancel the program at any time for causes concerning weather conditions, the physical condition or health of one or more participants, the evolution of mountain conditions, and in any case for any cause in his or her unquestionable judgment sufficient to compromise the safety of the roped party.


The Guide may, in case, propose different solutions indicating any additional costs to be borne by the client who may choose whether and how to proceed.
In the event that there is a difference between the services agreed upon and those provided, the organizer will reimburse the client to the extent of the difference.

No reimbursement will be due to the participants if the Mountain Guide/Medium Mountain Companion detects the impossibility of completing the program due to causes concerning the physical condition of the participants, their equipment or if the minimum safety conditions for the continuation of the 'activity do not exist



Each Mountain Guide or Medium Mountain Guide who will conduct the activities is provided with a personal and compulsory RCT (Third Party Liability) policy.

This policy, covers clients for any damages incurred as a result of proven negligence committed by the Guide. Search, rescue and/or recovery expenses are NOT covered.

It is strongly recommended to purchase an insurance policy with coverage for trip cancellation due to personal injury that would not allow participation in activities.

Art 4.1 - Policy Exclusions and Indemnity.
Participants will not be insured for injuries that may occur during the activities, it is strongly recommended to have a personal policy that can cover expenses related to injuries that may occur while practicing the activities.


By registering, the participant declares that he/she is aware that activities in the mountains and more generally in the environment have risks that the Mountain Guide/Medium Mountain Guide cannot eliminate; consequently, he/she accepts the risk inherent in any activity practiced including those injurious to his/her person and indemnifies Unusual Experience A.S.D. and the Mountain Guide/Medium Mountain Guide responsible for the activity from any liability regarding physical injuries occurring during the practice of the sport or detected subsequently and attributable to it.

Nothing can consequently be claimed by Unusual Experience A.S.D. or the Mountain Guide/Medium Mountain Guide regarding injuries that a participant may have sustained since those who participate in activities included in the offer implicitly accept the consequent risks.


Art 4.2 - Optional accident policy

Upon request, Unusual Experience A.S.D. can take out an accident policy that covers the participant from any injuries that may occur while practicing the activities.

Those wishing to take advantage of this service must make a written request by the fifteenth day prior to the start of the activity.


However, it is advisable to take out a personal policy that can cover any excesses or specific items not covered by the optional policy.


Art 4.3 - Optional search and rescue policy.

The participant can take out the “Insure a fantastic day” policy through Arca Assicurazioni exclusively for activities carried out in the Aosta Valley with an Alpine Guide / Aspiring Alpine Guide at the price of €5 per day to have coverage for any mountain search and rescue expenses in case of evacuation by helicopter or in any case when the participant needs the intervention of Mountain Rescue.
This type of policy does not provide health coverage for the participant but only coverage for expenses related to search and rescue.

At the above policy may be personally taken out by each participant



All programs that include “Food and/or Lodging” components in the offer will be sold by our partner Alps & Charme by Daisy Barailler Fraz. Les Balmes, 4 - 11010 Bionaz (AO) Aosta Valley - Italy - PI 01159280070.

Unusual Experience asd will provide accompanying services with Alpine Guide/Ski Instructor and training in the above programs.

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